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Cargill Innovation Center in Dirdal, former EWOS Innovation, is a pioneer in fish feed research and innovation, with a long history of brave and important R&D investments. The tradition continues as part of Cargill. 

The innovation center focus is research on nutrition and nutrition-related areas for salmonids, including feed processing and raw material development. These state-of-the-art R&D facilities, including world-class researchers, has laid the foundation for former EWOS, now Cargill, can offer the very best fish feed and advice to customers, and be the trend-setting innovator in the aquaculture industry. 

Fish health is a high priority at Cargill Innovation Center, and has been at former EWOS Innovation through decades. We have several projects aimed at improving fish health, including combatting the most serious challenges to fish health in aquaculture: sea lice and diseases. Cargill is continuously looking for new sources of protein that can contribute to a continued sustainable growth in the production of farmed salmon, and CIC Dirdal has several projects on this matter.